Tower Bridge to Tokyo

It is a very happy Outen-shaped pedalling and paddling grinning machine writing to let you know that at 1230pm local time today, November 14th, Hercules and I arrived in glorious sunshine at the British Embassy in Tokyo. 7.5 months and 18700km of pedalling and paddling since Tower Bridge, this first leg is now complete.



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Warm, warm thank yous to everyone who has helped me on my way – from my sponsors and supporters, to strangers on the road and followers of this blog, my team and my family – I am grateful. Here’s to the next chapter…

Meanwhile, I am due a sleep and a G&T. More stories from in a wee while.

All best from me, Herc, Nelson and Tokyo x


PS Another very happy thank you to the British Embassy here in Tokyo for their support and especially Mike Sims-Williams for escorting me into Town today and accompanying me the last couple of days.


To the sea and back

Just 170km to go now. Pedalling upriver tomorrow and turning left for Tokyo on Monday. Too many stories from this last week to fit into a single swift post, through these tired fingers and befuddled brain. It feels like my headspace and fresh legs have abandoned me somewhat, as though they are lining up to stand down. They know what is around the corner once we hit Tokyo. A rest. A pause. A sleep. Continue reading

Renewal and rotten eggs

A whole week off the bike and I feel human again. This is reassuring. Hercules and I head out from Mutsu, Aomori this afternoon for the final run south. In contrast to the whole journey so far, now there is no rush. No time pressure. No weather window to worry about. No visa issues. Just me, Herc and three whole weeks to cover the 1400ish kilometres of meandering route that I have roughly sketched out to get us down to Choshi and Tokyo. Continue reading

Calling all classrooms and young things

After a summer of hard work with our new educational gurus at Digital Explorer I am happy to report that our sparkly new Schools’ HQ went live last week. Aimed particularly at the 7-11 year old age group with a focus on science, there is a stash of resources, lesson plans and activities for teachers to run with, as well as the Education Blog, the ‘Ask Sarah’ section and links for you to book your own chat with me from my bike or boat. Continue reading